Common Questions & Answers

Q. Do you have a showroom?

A. Yes! All of our items are on display at our showroom in Modesto, California. We use an old rustic barn as our showroom which is the perfect place to display our rustic items. Our showroom gives our clients the ability to visualize their dream and get their desired look.

Q. When do you schedule showroom appointments and lighting quotes?

A. We offer very flexible hours to schedule both lighting quotes and showrooms. We can do morning, afternoon or evening appointments. In order to view all inventory we prefer to do showroom appointments on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays. Weekends are typically more available in the winter months but become less available during our high season.

Q. Do you deliver and how much do you charge?

A. Yes we do deliver! Our minimum delivery fee is $60. Our delivery fee is based on the size of the order and distance from our location in Modesto, California.  Other factors such as: excessive distance unloading from truck and 2nd level delivery also factor into delivery price and is based on our discretion.  You can see our delivery pricing on our INFO page.


Q. When do you deliver?

A. We normally deliver either a day or two before the event.  If requested & approved we can also deliver two days before the event to give you plenty of time to set up and prepare. We will NEVER give you the "between 8am-5pm" delivery routine that most rental companies give you. We will set a time of delivery and be there within an hour of that time. We try and make the deliver process easy and stress-free for our clients. 

Q. Do you have a minimum? 

A. Yes. 

               - Minimum $750 rental for deliveries within 25 miles of our location in Modesto

               - Minimum $1,000 rental for deliveries between 25-40 miles of our location

               - We do take orders outside of 40 miles but are handled on a case by case basis and they may be subject to a higher minimum

Q. Do items have to be delivered?

A. Yes, all larger items have to be delivered. most of our items in our inventory require delivery due to size and assembly. 

Q.  Do you accommodate for time restrictive rental deliveries and pick ups? (Ex: You need rentals delivered at an exact time or needs rental items picked up at an exact time)

A. Yes,  we can provide time specific delivery or pick up window for an extra charge. With this service, we will arrange a specific time or a one-hour window in which to deliver and/or pick up the rental items.

Q. Are your products all whole sale products?

A. Absolutely not!  All of our rustic items are built from scratch or re-purposed in some way. This gives our products a unique and one of a kind look. We do have some whole sale rentals such as our tables, chairs, lighting and dance floor.

Q. How do I reserve items?

A. We require non-refundable 40% deposit of the total rental charge to reserve items. Once we receive payment and we have a signed rental agreement, the rental is then reserved.

Q. How do I contact you?

A. We are very accessible through multiple outlets.  You can reach us by voice or text at (209) 606-4555 or email  We strive to respond to all messages within a 24 hour span.

Q. Do you ever barter your rentals or services?

A.  Yes!  We are big fans of the barter game and have bartered our rentals and services in the past.  We have bartered entire order or just partial orders.  All barters are considered but not all are accepted.  We look for personal services and items to business services or items.  We enjoy bartering vacation rentals, motor vehicles, event tickets and much more.

Q. Do you rent table linens?

A. No.  We suggest purchasing your linens outright.  The price to buy them is usually the same price to rent them.